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Why Should Someone Pick your School

Why us?

It is a question that higher education asks all the time and one that 3E has been thinking about since we started 5 years ago.

Why should a prospective student or family pick our school?

There are times when it is obvious. With many people searching for the Football National Champions, the University of Georgia updated the homepage hero to bask in the glory of winning. Winning adds a “why you” to the school. Winning is fun and makes people proud.


Below is a video I did with my colleague Chad Cooper about Advantage Spotlights at 3E. (Note: you can’t embed a LinkedIn Live video as a video on LinkedIn’s blogging platform.)

In this brief conversation, we talk about storytelling. We talk about the simplicity of a message – why you should attend. For a bigger school like Georgia, it obviously isn’t the only reason. One doesn’t attend the University of Georgia because of football success, but one will certainly be aware of it as an option. Both as a player and a fan. As a fan, one might consider it after watching all of the students cheer, the UGA site talks about that.

Spotlights are the first part of the story in a much longer decision. They generate attention and behavior, two things we’re always trying to do in higher education.

What do you think? How do you tell students they should pick your school?

This is something we’ll address a lot at The Institute For Higher Education. Why you is a focus of many sessions.

Here’s more information on how we approach Strategic Positioning