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Results are comparing data from the Common App Report Dec |Jan 2023-24 and Industry Standards 

We love everything about 3E and we could not be happier. Everyone, including the President and CFO are 100% on board with the work we’re doing with you. I could not be happier with our results and know that this is a long lasting partnership. 

VP of Enrollment | Private University | MidWest

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The Mission is Simple: Empower, Inspire, and Ignite higher-ed professionals at The Institute For Higher Education 2024

June 23 - 27

Unlock Your Program Potential with Latest 3E Findings

We’ve gathered the latest trends in higher-ed program planning to help champion institution leaders across the board. Download the report to:

• Learn the latest tools to position your institution as
a leader in higher education;
• Assess the viability of your current programs; and
• Build optimal academic program mixes that enrich
both enrollment and net revenue.

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