Develop Enrollment Plan

3E revolutionizes strategic enrollment planning with a fresh approach that diverges from outdated advice and offers a unique modern approach to today’s higher education challenges.

Why Act NOW

Navigate uncertainties with confidence

Traditional conversion rates won’t cut it. Demographic shifts, changes in college-going rates, and program demands require a fresh perspective.

Stay competitive, Stand Out

As rivals vie for market share, understanding your current position is crucial. Identify opportunities for growth by evaluating your standing against competitors.

Seize possibilities, mitigate risks

Embrace market changes to enhance your market share. Our tools simulate outcomes, allowing you to proactively respond to shifting demands and conditions.

Understanding not just our own data but being able to see the impact of market conditions and changes in demand on our enrollment is exactly the conversation we want to have as an institution – from the board to the cabinet. We can identify new paths to enrollment goals earlier and with much more confidence now.

3E Insights

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