Chart Your Path with Modern Positioning and Planning

Establish a position of strength, recognized by students to fuel sustained growth.

Challenges Addressed

Understand Your Market

Evaluate the impact of new competitors and changing market conditions on meeting enrollment goals.

Optimize Enrollment

Anticipate how future market conditions will influence your enrollment and revenue.

Identify Optimal Goals

Target strategies that propel you toward future enrollment goals.

What To Expect


Craft Unique Position

Let your unique value proposition guide everything: from organizing your team to creating programs, and designing student experiences. It’s your “North Star” for success.


Build Your Strategy

Build your strategy on a proven foundation: a validated anchor position supported by strong pillars. This differentiates you and strengthens your market position.


Elevate Your Standing

Elevate your standing and market share by defining a unique and validated differentiator that sets you apart. Enhance your reputation and market position.

How 3E Helps

Reach students at the right time when they are exploring where to go to college.

Forecast Like a Pro

  • Leverage historical data and future trends to project enrollment and net tuition revenue with accuracy.
  • Gain insights into market variables and population changes to inform your strategic planning.
  • Make confident budget decisions based on data-driven predictions.

Differentiate Yourself

  • Guide you through a modern differentiation process that defines and prioritizes your institution’s unique value proposition.
  • Craft compelling messaging with proof points that resonate with students and families.
  • Attract your ideal students by clearly articulating what sets you apart.

Validate Your Strategy

  • Conduct targeted attitudinal surveys with prospective students and key stakeholders to gather market data.
  • Gain valuable feedback on your position and breakthrough strategies.
  • Make data-driven adjustments for maximum impact on your enrollment goals.

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3E Approach

Drawing inspiration from Blue Ocean Strategy, 3E has reimagined traditional techniques, incorporating core principles:


Reshape the Market


Make the Competition Irrelevant


Capture New Demand

“The modern process focused on differentiation, coupled with validation, ensured that our position is not just theoretical but resonates strongly with our target audience. Thanks to 3E, we’ve not only enhanced our reputation but also positioned ourselves for sustained growth in a competitive landscape” – VP of Enrollment

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