3E Outreach Experts

The Experience And Skills You Need For Your Enrollment Success.

The Challenges We Address

Many colleges and universities are losing top talent as the stakes of enrollment work are getting higher.

Talent gaps puts enrollment teams at a disadvantage with a lack of expertise at key points in the cycle.

Managing transition chaos and  struggling to handle staffing changes,  and decreased efficiency.

What You Can Expect



We get to know your school, understand pain points, and develop a strategic focus for your campus. We establish expectations such as goals, timeline, and project outcomes.


Alignment Towards Objectives

Solidify project goals and take actionable steps to achieve them. We provide clear and consistent communication on progress and get to the heart of what really matters to be successful.


Results-Oriented Leadership

Laser focused on data and results. Through weekly reports and calls, we track enrollment numbers, coach the team, and implement changes to impact the growth and drive the accepted to deposited student journey.

How 3E Helps

Fill necessary gaps of time, skills, and best practices with 3E Ambassadors.

Executive Ambassador

Marketing Ambassador

Operations Ambassador

3E Approach

The 3E Ambassadors are seasoned admissions professionals who provide expertise in the recruitment process.

3E offers the following modes of Leadership Services:


High-Growth Mode

Deep dive into current team, plan and budget, assess for leadership what is needed to grow enrollment, make clear plans for uplevel of rapid enrollment growth.


Best Practices

Maintain staffing, manage to standard best practices, manage current processes uplevel where possible for minimal cost


Support and Report

Weekly leadership and support, providing email updates to the leadership team on SWOT; making recommendations and managing team questions.

“The Executive Ambassador we worked with was amazing.  She helped us through a transitional stage like no other. ”
– President

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