Meet Application Goals with Conversion Apply

Modern senior campaigns to drive applications.

Challenges Addressed

Relate, Engage, and Inspire

Drive action and prompt students to choose your institution.

Elevate the User Experience

Provide interactive, personal, and unique content that encourages application submissions.

Deliver Results that Matter

Focus on the only ROI that truly matters – enrollment impact.

What To Expect


Comprehensive Strategy

Foundational to 3E, audience targeting, messaging, and goal setting for success.


360-Degree Experience

Scoring every student action from behavioral emails to targeted digital ads, landing pages, and microsites.


Student Action Insights

See student action drivers with real-time behavioral scoring that reflects interest and intent to apply.

3E Solutions

The most comprehensive and modern senior campaign delivering applications and marketing qualified leads.

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3E Approach

Improving student follow-up​ through expanding scoring, insights, and audiences.


Unique Student Experience

Tailored campaigns with retail-inspired messaging and calls to action for personalized interactions.


Modern and Informed Data Strategy

Informed list purchase for students and parents, optimizing outreach cadence to achieve client goals.


Agile Marketing with Analytics

Utilize market-responsive optimizations, hyper-focused campaigns, and advanced analytics for goal-driven success.

Conversion Apply Campaign Samples

“Upon joining, we faced years of declining enrollment and an ineffective marketing enrollment partner. I swiftly canceled the contract, secured board approval, and partnered with 3E, vouching for our impact on our Institution’s turnaround. Today, we stand significantly ahead in applications and deposits and can not be more grateful for this partnership” VP of Enrollment Management, Private, Midwest University.

3E Insights

3 Solutions to Improve Higher Ed Enrollment Results

3 Enrollment Marketing is Modern Marketing Built for Higher Education…

Ctrl + Alt + Del: Everything is Fine

Life is anything but “fine” in the world of Higher-Ed. The market is shifting, competition is fierce, and prospective students are overwhelmed…

Ctrl + R: Everything is Fine. Yield Reboot.

In the realm of Higher-Ed, “Everything is Fine” is the silent alarm we all ignore. But, let’s face it – it’s time for a reboot, a refresh, and Ctrl + R…

Other Solutions to Consider