Institute for Higher Education

Stand Out with Advantage Spotlight

Highlight your key advantages with impactful messaging that will deepen student engagement.

Challenges Addressed

Highlight Advantages

Effectively showcasing what sets you apart with distinctive strengths and advantages.

Stand Out

A stagnant website  with shared assets and goals makes it difficult for the right message to shine.

Deliver Timely Info

Providing students with essential information to make an informed decision and guide their journey.

What To Expect


Engage with your Audience

An engaged audience is more likely to take action and move forward in the application process.


Deliver Interactive Content

Content that provides interesting and valuable information that will be revisited and shared.


Get Better Results

Analytics that matter, allow for better connections, insights and targeted communications.

How 3E Helps

Unique solutions to help you stand out, highlight your strengths and influence enrollment goals.

3E Academic

3E Campus 360

3E Location 360

3E Athletics

3E Student Experience

3E Affordability

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3E Approach


Evolve to Engage

Cutting-edge tech keeps you ahead of the curve, captivating today’s students.


Personalized for Impact

Custom-built for each institution, addressing the unique needs of today’s students.


Spotlight Strengths

Together, we showcase what makes your institution shine, from academics to campus life.

“We are all competing for the same students so conveying our unique strengths and advantages over other institutions is critical for recruitment. 3E’s Advantage Spotlights provide us with the ability to do just that, in an effective and targeted approach.”

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