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Whether you are looking to transform your admissions, visits, or deposits, 3E has the expertise to turn your outreach efforts into unique experiences that drive yield.

The Challenges We Address

Many institutions lack the resources to consistently connect one-on-one with prospective students.

Difficulty getting students to take action at the right time to have a meaningful impact on their decision.

High turnover rate and talent gap puts enrollment teams at a disadvantage at pivotal points in the cycle. 

The Impact You Can Expect


Highlight the ‘Art of Recruitment’ through relational connections.


Get the relief and expert resources to meet goals for applications, visits, or deposits.


Allow prospective students to make a connection and take the next step to select a right-fit college.

How 3E Helps

Reach students at the right time when they are exploring where to go to college

3E Outreach Expert Visit

3E Outreach Expert Admission

3E Outreach Expert Deposit

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3E Approach

The 3E Outreach Expert is a college admissions professional who provides expertise in the recruitment process:


Understands the impact an interaction has on likelihood to enroll


Provides strategy, development and execution for all outreach activity


Embraces strong customer service and keen attention to prospective students’ needs

“The outreach expert we worked with was experienced and understood us. I can see the difference in the quality of his work and the results we got.”
– VP of Enrollment

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