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Know Your Competitors Moves and Stay Informed and Ahead With 3E Market Scan

Your competitors don’t sit still. They launch programs, scholarships, and other recruitment strategies. We can monitor that for you.

Challenges Addressed

Time Constraints

Lack of time to track competitors’ actions – we monitor and provide monthly reports.

Understanding Market Reach

Difficulty in grasping your web and social media reach compared to competitors – we offer comprehensive reports.

 Prospective Students' Insights

Identifying what information prospective students seek – we reveal audience sentiments and focus areas.

What To Expect


Voice of the Market

Become an invaluable leader on campus by being the voice of the market.


Competitive Response

Respond strategically to competitors’ moves to secure and enhance market share.


Optimized Marketing

Tailor your marketing and messaging to align with your markets’ needs.

How 3E Helps

We cut through the noise to identify the things you would care the most about

Streamlined Intelligence

Empowering you with the right information like competitor press releases, tuition changes, staff changes and more.

Market Mastery

Stay informed on competitor news, audience engagement stats, and competitor market share.

Strategic Intel

Receive relevant data in digestible reports for quick study and response.

3E Approach


Digestible Reports

Focus on relevant data for swift analysis and response.


Board-Ready Intelligence

Share reports across campus leadership for informed decision-making.


Monthly Delivery

Receive reports monthly, accommodating your busy schedule – informed, not overwhelmed.

“These reports let me share important news to leadership and initiate a data-informed plan of action.” – VP of Enrollment

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