Engage Early, Enroll Higher with 3E Awareness

Identify new students, nurture interest, and build an engaged inquiry from high school sophomores and juniors.

Challenges Addressed

Nurture Your Future

Build a robust applicant pool pre-senior year for guaranteed enrollment success.

Focus Now Grow Later

Achieve current enrollment goals while cultivating future pipelines without resource strain.

Stand Out in the Noise

Blending in with competitors and not standing out for students’ attention.

What To Expect


 Industry leading list strategy capabilities.


Be everywhere you need to be and nowhere you don’t.


Meet audience expectations 24/7 with smart technology.

3E Solutions

Awareness Flagship

Awareness Selective

3E Approach

Harmonize, Automate, Engage: Your Multi-Channel Enrollment Success


Targeted Audience Reach

Engage with known, yet-unknown students, parents, counselors, and others for each message.


Seamless Channel Integration

Harmonize social, digital, email, and print channels for specific audiences and goals.


Practical Marketing Automation

Use modern technology with engagement and behavioral scoring for personalized experiences.

“What impressed me the most was their commitment to understanding our unique challenges and tailoring a solution that addressed our specific needs. The 3E team’s expertise and dedication have made a significant difference in our ability to generate leads, meet enrollment goals, and stay ahead in a highly competitive landscape.” VP of Enrollment Management, Southeast

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