Institute for Higher Education

Reach Your Ideal Students With Digital 360

Cut through the static and connect with the right students with an intelligent digital solution.

Challenges Addressed

Adapt to Changes in Available Names​

Navigate the declines in test takers and the impact of AI-driven college search on available student pools.

Generate MQLs to Meet Goals​

Drive inquiries utilizing intelligent form submissions and increasing online and campus visitors.

Monitor Performance Effectively

Assess real-time results across various channels and campaigns for informed decision-making.

What To Expect


Be Seen, Be Relevant

Be everywhere you need to be and nowhere you don’t in your core markets.


Reach the Right Students

From list matching to look alike audiences, behavioral and demographic targeting.


Engage Student on Their Terms

Craft the right content and reach students when, where, and how they choose.

How 3E Helps

Tailored solutions to build brand awareness, amplify your message and goals, and nurture interest and relationships.

Reverse Gray XL

Digital Always On

Digital Awareness Out of State

Digital Conversion

3E Approach

Reach diverse audiences, optimize channel programs, and use modern tech for personalized engagement.


Reach The Right Audiences

Finding the right people in your markets is the underlying goal, whether they are known, not yet unknown students, and influencers.


Optimize The Right Channels

Monitor ads in search like Google and social channels like Meta, Snap, A/B test always and forever and adjust on the fly.


Use Modern Tech Strategically

Marketing automation, engagement tracking, behavioral scoring, to personalize the experience and drive results.

“No other vendor in Higher Ed does market analysis and list purchase strategy better than 3E. No one.” VP of Enrollment Management.

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