Institute for Higher Education

Navigate Your Future With Modern Strategic Planning

A differentiated, distinctive direction that is recognizable, measurable and valuable leads to a stronger institution and improved student outcomes.​

Challenges Addressed

Competitive Differentiation

Inwardly focused thinking leaves us without a viable market advantage or intentional differentiation.

Organizational Misalignment

Leads to impractical and complex solutions being implemented.

Long Implementation

Caused by drawn out process and inefficiencies in the plan being implemented.

What To Expect


 Intentional Positioning

Clearly define and own a position that is intentional and distinct.


 Holistic Planning

Develop a plan leveraging both business and higher ed models and tools.


Accelerated Impact

Embed structures and processes for a faster time to impact.

How 3E Helps

Modern Forecast Modeling

Model future run rates based on projection simulations and competitive market index.

Differentiation Pathway

Lead institution through a process to identify and substantiate distinctive differentiators.​

Organizational Alignment & Execution Plan​

Align institution’s resources, budget around the strategic direction and build a quarterly walk to progress.

3E Approach


Establish a Distinct Position

Cultivate intentional and distinctive positions that are recognizable, measurable, defensible, and valuable.


Create a Comprehensive Plan

Formulate a plan that draws from both business and higher education models and utilizes relevant tools.


Incorporate Structure and Process for Impact

Implement organizational structures and processes to guarantee a meaningful impact.

“I can’t emphasize enough how 3E’s Modern Strategic Planning has transformed our approach. Our institution now stands out with clear differentiation, and the quarterly progress walks have made our strategic direction not just embraced but truly implemented.” – VP of Enrollment

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