Immerse students in your culture

Bring your institution life by delivering a memorable and engaging experience. 

The Challenges We Address


Engage students deeply with unique, interactive experiences that resonate in today’s “experience” landscape.


Showcase your unique advantages and attract right fit students amidst a crowded digital marketplace.

Stand Out

Cut through the digital static and grab attention with impactful messaging that resonates.

The Impact You Can Expect


Foster Increased Engagement

Offer unique experiences exclusive to enrolled students, enhancing engagement with your audience.


Provide Interactive Content

Deliver immersive content for a genuine interactive experience, enabling prospects to virtually step into your campus.


Showcase Tech Innovation

Demonstrate to students that you leverages cutting-edge technology not only in classrooms but also in recruitment.

How 3E Helps

Experience Campus with Context

Experience with a 360 Degree View

Boost Campus Visits and Enrollment

Ready to unlock enrollment success and achieve your vision?
Partner with 3E today!

3E Approach



Constantly adapting with cutting-edge technology to engage effectively.



Uniquely built for the needs of your institution and your consumers.



Create an immersive experience for a campus, location, or the student life.

“Today’s savvy students expect an immersive experience when engaging with not only colleges but all brands they purchase from. 3E allows us to stay on top of the technology that students expect to make an informed decision.”

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