Modern Strategic Planning

Why You?

Why You?

It’s one of the toughest questions you get.

Students have many choices that look the same.

It’s hard to land on their Google search page—or to make an impression on third-party sites. How do you stand out?

Spotlight your strengths with 3E.

  • Showcase your differentiation around strengths in a highly interactive way
  • Deepen student connection to the institution
  • Amplify results year-round

What will you gain when you work with 3E?

3 Enrollment Marketing, Inc

A team of experts strategizing and building your assets.

3 Enrollment Marketing, Inc

The cutting-edge in technology and platforms.

3 Enrollment Marketing, Inc

A commitment to your results.

Stand out.

Ready to have a conversation about how we can help you spotlight your strengths? Let’s discuss which 3E Advantage Spotlight(s) are right for your institution or how a 3E Immersive Center can help you connect your campus experience to more students in new ways.

3E Advantage Spotlights

There’s no one way to use a Spotlight. Each is designed to highlight a different institutional strength and can be used in different ways, to elicit different actions, at different times throughout the year.

  • Highly visual personalized and interactive experience
  • Premium assets including 3E Nanosite and integrated digital channels
  • 360 Spotlights are immersive (headset-enabled)
  • Student interactivity tracking and dashboard reporting
  • Always available for 12 months, renewable annually

Choose your Spotlight(s).




Location 360


Campus 360




Student Experience


Immersive Center

3E Immersive Center

Deliver a memorable experience and bring more of your institution’s advantages to life.

Take your campus to prospective students, families, and alumni. For visitors and non-visitors, showcase locations not always available on tours. Meet in a non-intimidating space.

  • Center is an immersive virtual reality space, accessible via browser or VR headset
  • Your admissions team brings a VR headset with them
  • Includes content—photos, stats, links to take actions such as schedule a visit
  • You can conduct informal conversations and meetings in the space
  • Always available for 12 months, renewable annually


    • Academic (business, health, engineering....)
    • Program-Specific (nursing, esports...)
    • Labs or Experiential Learning Locations
    • Campus Highlights
    • Points of Interest on and around campus

How will you stand out? By making real connections with students. That’s impossible with a virtual tour. The 3E Immersive Center is the only solution that supports your efforts with personalized, interactive content delivered through this innovative technology in ways that will impact your results.