Unlock Your Academic Program Growth Potential Within Minutes

Unlock Your Academic Program Growth Potential Within Minutes

3E ForwardIQ Academics is the only tool in higher education that provides institutional leaders with the data to identify new academic program growth opportunities, assess the viability of their current programs, and build optimal academic program mixes that optimize enrollment and net revenue – all within minutes.

The Solution

Say goodbye to lengthy assessments and welcome the future of academic program planning with 3E ForwardIQ Academics. Our cutting-edge software empowers leaders to: 

  • Identify academic programs offering growth opportunities in your markets.
  • Test the enrollment and revenue impact of adding or eliminating academic programs in no time.
  • Compare your current program mix to optimal mixes, informed by on-demand competitor analysis.
3E ForwardIQ Academics Platform

Key Features

Unlock your institution's true potential and become a trailblazer in the ever-evolving landscape of higher education. 

  • 3E Program Opportunity Score: Identify blue ocean academic program opportunities for growth.
  • 3E Academic Program Planner: Test the impact of new programs on enrollment and revenue.
  • 3E Academic Program Mix Health Score: Compare your current program mix with optimal scenarios.

Key Benefits

  • Be Quicker to Market: Seize new program opportunities and gain a competitive edge.
  • Optimize Enrollment and Revenue: Strategically plan and maximize revenue potential for new programs.
  • Identify Optimal Program Mix: Align your institution's offerings with market demands.
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See ForwardIQ Academics In Action

Stagnant revenue sources, increased competition, and evolving market demands have put immense pressure on institutions to innovate and grow. However, current tools and methods for assessing program viability can take months, delaying crucial decisions and leaving institutions at risk of missed opportunities. 

Why 3E ForwardIQ Academics

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