Institute for Higher Education

From Months to Minutes – Innovative Ways to Strategic Academic Program Planning

The Problem

The future of your institution depends on a healthy mix of academic programs for students, yet half of the academic programs launched since 2013 have failed costing institutions an average of $2 million per program. Not to mention that the process takes too long which leads to frustrated boards and missed opportunities.

Our Take
We believe that there are new approaches to program planning in higher education that go beyond the traditional red ocean and tap into blue ocean opportunities for growth. We also know that data-driven decision-making and innovative technologies can help your institution stand out, attract more students, and increase revenue.

During this webinar our expert speakers will share best practices and show you how to chart a course towards academic program success, including how to:
– Assess Program Viability utilizing data-driven insights
– Evaluate market potential, competition, and student preferences.
– Build Optimal Academic Program Mix
– Implement best practices for Academic Program Success

Presented by Matt Krov and Mary Grondahl