The Ultimate Platform for Enrollment Growth

The Ultimate Platform for Enrollment Growth

Welcome to ForwardIQ, the game-changing platform meticulously crafted to skyrocket enrollment and amplify net revenue for universities. Our all-in-one solution boasts a powerful suite of modules that will revolutionize your strategic enrollment planning and optimize your academic programs like never before.

Are you ready to unlock your institution's true potential? Dive into ForwardIQ now and witness the future of higher education growth!

3E ForwardIQ Modules

3E ForwardIQ

3E ForwardIQ

3E ForwardIQ

From 6 Partners to 1

ForwardIQ gathers extensive data from multiple sources, including student demographics, enrollment trends, market demand, industry insights, and financial data. 

3E ForwardIQ Forecast

The only forward-focused and truly strategic enrollment and revenue planning solution available in higher ed.

Understand your future enrollment trajectory and plan multiple scenarios in minutes.

ForwardIQ Forecast Platform
3E ForwardIQ Academics Platform

3E ForwardIQ Academics

Introducing 3E ForwardIQ Academics - our revolutionary software empowers institutional leaders to make data-driven decisions within minutes. Identify new academic program growth opportunities, assess program portfolio's viability, and plan scenarios in minutes.​