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5 Steps to Lower Student Barriers to Enrollment and Strengthen Your 2020 Results

Student looking at college

Provide new paths to help students move forward. While the current crisis has presented new challenges for students, families, and the institutions that serve them, there is also opportunity for us to rethink some of the ways enrollment offices have traditionally approached applications, yield, and melt. We can better accommodate the situation students and families…

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An Unprecedented Enrollment Environment Calls for Unprecedented Enrollment Leadership

Western New England University

Seven must-do’s to step up as an Enrollment Leader. No other time in higher ed history has tested the Enrollment Management profession more than right now. Today, an unprecedented time, true enrollment management leaders will rise. Higher education relies on you, enrollment leaders, to meet the enrollment goals of your institution and today, achieving those goals is in question, as they were established long before the current environment.

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