5 Enrollment Forecast Models to Consider in an Unpredictable Environment

Better project your next class with modern models. It’s one of the top questions asked around your institution when wrapping up a new class: what’s the plan for the next year’s class? Answering it and building an enrollment plan for next year—as you scramble to enroll and evolve to the changing scenarios for the fall […]

Evolving Your Enrollment Organization & Team Roles for a New Environment

Being excellent online is an ongoing imperative. Recruiting has changed, and many of the changes are here to stay.  Campus visits, tours, and group sessions will return, of course. But the massive and rapid expansion of the virtual experience, including online learning and recruiting, will ensure they remain pillars of modern student recruitment, retention, and […]

Summer of SERP: Getting Your Digital Welcome Center in Great Shape

5 quick tips to win the search engine results for your institution. When someone googles your college or university, the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is what appears. The SERP isn’t about generating awareness; it is about facilitating exploration for students who are already aware of you—those who knew enough to want to google you. […]

2021 Enrollment Planning in a Summer of Uncertainty

5 thoughts for college and university enrollment leaders. Reality is sinking in and uncertainty is leading to incredibly diverse planning initiatives for Fall 2020 enrollment. As our industry focuses on the pandemic impact on new and returning college students this fall, another question looms. What’s the impact on the next class, the entering class of […]

9 Best Practices for Moving Your In-Person Student Events to an Online Experience

It’s the same, but different. Everything is in the process of moving online: classes, office hours, health services—and all of your prospective and admitted student events. The move to online makes sense. The need for your prospective and admitted students to experience your campus and meet the people who make up your great institution remains […]

5 Steps to Lower Student Barriers to Enrollment and Strengthen Your 2020 Results

Provide new paths to help students move forward. While the current crisis has presented new challenges for students, families, and the institutions that serve them, there is also opportunity for us to rethink some of the ways enrollment offices have traditionally approached applications, yield, and melt. We can better accommodate the situation students and families […]

An Unprecedented Enrollment Environment Calls for Unprecedented Enrollment Leadership

Seven must-do’s to step up as an Enrollment Leader. No other time in higher ed history has tested the Enrollment Management profession more than right now. Today, an unprecedented time, true enrollment management leaders will rise. Higher education relies on you, enrollment leaders, to meet the enrollment goals of your institution and today, achieving those goals is in question, as they were established long before the current environment.