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Winning in a Competitive Market. Insights from Enrollment Marketing Experts

In a recent enlightening webinar, we had the privilege of delving into the world of enrollment marketing and exploring the concept of success with two accomplished professionals: William Boffi of Assumption University and Christine Sneva of Marymount Manhattan College. The conversation was moderated by Patricia Maben, the visionary founder and President of 3 Enrollment Marketing, and Jenn Kanellis, Vice President of Client Services & Enrollment Strategy. This engaging discussion not only shed light on the dynamics of higher education enrollment but also revealed the key factors that contribute to achieving success in this realm. 

If you missed the live event, don’t worry – you can catch the entire conversation on the recording here. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with some of the highlights that emerged from this insightful dialogue. 

The Power of Partnership 

One resounding theme that echoed throughout the conversation was the power of partnership. Both panelists emphasized the importance of fostering strong relationships with partners to drive success. Boffi emphasized that aligning everyone involved with the institution’s goals and vision is crucial. He likened it to being “on the same page,” but more importantly, it’s about ensuring everyone agrees to what’s written on that page. Sneva further highlighted that while disagreements might arise, open communication and a shared understanding of the goals can lead to productive agreements. This principle, of course, extends beyond just the institution itself, reaching out to prospective students, parents, and the entire ecosystem involved in enrollment. 

Leveraging Location 

For Marymount Manhattan College, their prime location in New York City is an undeniable asset that they repeatedly capitalize on. As Sneva put it, “For us, it is about hitting that over and over again.” The college’s urban setting becomes an integral part of their marketing strategy, as they emphasize the unique experiences and opportunities that come from being in the heart of NYC. This resonates with their “3E Location Spotlights,” which play a pivotal role in conveying their distinct narrative to potential students. 

Data-Driven Decision-Making 

In an age of data abundance, both panelists underscored the significance of leveraging data to inform strategic decisions. MMC’s experience highlighted an interesting insight: prospective students were more inclined to visit the campus once they had been admitted. This prompted them to revamp their approach, encouraging in-person attendance for events and tours as a means to enhance the overall enrollment experience. Sneva’s innovative approach of sharing her mobile number with parents of accepted students provided a direct channel for feedback, allowing the team to identify gaps in communication and understanding. 

The Recipe for Success 

The conversation revealed that success in enrollment marketing is a harmonious blend of multiple ingredients. A robust team, visionary leadership aligned with institutional goals, a data-informed strategy, and a willingness to adapt and learn were all deemed crucial elements. While these insights provide a glimpse into the complex world of enrollment marketing, it’s important to acknowledge that each institution’s journey is unique, and there are countless other strategies that contribute to achieving success. 

In conclusion, the webinar emphasized that success in enrollment marketing is an intricate dance of partnership, strategy, and innovation. The perspectives shared by Boffi and Sneva, guided by the insightful moderation of Maben and Kanellis, remind us that the pursuit of excellence in this field is a continuous process of evolution, driven by a genuine commitment to student success and institutional growth. 

So, what do you think? How do these insights align with your understanding of success in enrollment marketing? If you are interested in having a conversation with a 3E enrollment consultant, contact us here.