Webinar Series – Breaking the Mold: Rethinking Data Driven Decision Making

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Register for the Webinar Are you tired of relying on intuition and guesswork to make enrollment decisions for your institution? Look no further than the “Breaking the Mold: Rethinking Data Driven Decision Making” webinar series, presented by 3E Enrollment experts. This three-part series challenges traditional strategic enrollment planning (SEP) methods by highlighting the power of…

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Data Analytics For Student Enrollment: What to measure

Importance of Analytics in Higher Education

Increasing student enrollment is one of the most critical aspects of any higher education institution’s success. One way to achieve this is by leveraging data analytics to improve the enrollment funnel, which encompasses the stages a prospective student goes through before becoming a full-fledged student. In this article, we will discuss the importance of analytics…

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3E Launches the Only Forward-Focused Strategic Enrollment & Revenue Management Software in Higher Education

3E is Forward-Focused

In the past five years, undergraduate enrollment and net tuition revenue have declined at four-year institutions. One-third are on unsustainable financial paths, yet they commonly approach strategic enrollment and revenue planning as year-to-year, aspiring to balance the next year’s budget—because the tools available are limited in their ability to project forward. 3E’s new solution solves…

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The Institute for Higher Education 2023 Registration is Open

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The Institute for Higher Education at The Beach is June 4-8, 2023 at the Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach. Now in its third year and with incredible interest from the higher ed community, the event is expanding to serve more higher ed professionals who impact institutional enrollment. Registration is open at institutehe.org. Today at the 2022…

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3E Launches Intelligence Briefing Solution to Keep Institutions Ahead

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Market scanning and competitor analyses are commonplace outside higher education but have not been standard within the industry—nor is it easy to find or devote the resources to it. This intelligence is beneficial, if not critical, in informing decisions and strategic direction. 3E’s new solution fills this need. 3 Enrollment Marketing, Inc. is launching a…

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3E Launches New Solutions that Amplify Enrollment Results by Spotlighting Institutional Strengths

We're problem solvers

“Why you” is the toughest question for an institution to answer in a crowded market, where it’s difficult to land on the Google search page, and your distinctions are distilled into third-party college search resource templates. 3E’s newest solution suite empowers institutions to reclaim how they answer that question—showcasing their competitive advantages and standing out…

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3E Introduces the Most Comprehensive & Modern Solution Designed to Meet Graduate Enrollment Goals


As more people seek to enroll in graduate programs and more institutions grow their offerings, generating enrollment for these programs is increasingly complex. With 3E Conversion Graduate, 3 Enrollment Marketing has built a comprehensive, student-driven, multichannel experience designed specifically for graduate audiences. It offers a single solution to drive qualified leads, applicants, and enrollment. Changes…

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