Securing Future Scholars: Summer Engagement Strategies

Conversion Enrollment

Don’t let summer melt steal your committed students! Learn 3 key strategies to keep them engaged and excited for college! (from a former Admissions Director). At 3E Enrollment Marketing we have helped position our partner institutions to secure their fall classes. We do that with thoughtful and interactive yield and summer melt campaigns. 3E believes […]

3 Solutions that Improve Higher Ed Enrollment Results: What took 6 Partners Now Takes 1.

3 Enrollment Marketing is Modern Marketing Built for Higher Education. Many college and university admissions and enrollment professionals seek new solutions to improve their results. The fact of the current higher ed environment is that it takes working with up to six service providers to assemble an enrollment marketing plan. 3 Enrollment Marketing, Inc. (3E) […]

Revolutionizing Higher Education: Introducing 3E ForwardIQ Academics – Unlocking Growth Potential in Minutes

ONEONTA, N.Y. (PRWEB) JULY 31, 2023 3E Enrollment Marketing is proud to announce the launch of their groundbreaking product, 3E ForwardIQ Academics. Designed exclusively for higher education institutions, this cutting-edge software empowers institutional leaders to seize new academic program growth opportunities, assess program viability, and optimize academic program mixes within minutes. By revolutionizing the way academic […]