Webinar Series – Breaking the Mold: Rethinking Data Driven Decision Making

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Are you tired of relying on intuition and guesswork to make enrollment decisions for your institution? Look no further than the “Breaking the Mold: Rethinking Data Driven Decision Making” webinar series, presented by 3E Enrollment experts.

This three-part series challenges traditional strategic enrollment planning (SEP) methods by highlighting the power of data-driven decision making. Join enrollment professionals as they discuss innovative approaches to SEP that are sure to improve your institution’s bottom line.

Part I, “Understanding Market Data Dynamics,” kicks off on May 9th. Learn how to identify untapped markets and evaluate the potential demand for your institution. Our expert panelists will discuss the data and visualizations you need to empower yourself with your peer groups and make data-driven decisions about your expansion plans. Panelists include Nicole Focareto, Mary Grondahl, and moderator Matt Hanes.

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Next up, on May 16th, is “Boosting Enrollment with Data-Driven Funnel Optimization.” Discover how to leverage data to optimize your enrollment funnel and increase conversion rates. Our panelists will discuss how to develop a comprehensive enrollment KPI toolkit and the levers you can pull to drive incremental improvements. Panelists include Natalie Mazanowski, Kristen Taylor, and moderator Matt Hanes.

Finally, on May 24th, join us for “From Prediction to Action: Running Scenarios for Future Enrollment Planning.” Learn how to use your funnel conversion run rate and new market opportunities to create what-if scenarios that you can present to your president and board. Our expert panelists will share real-world examples of how private and public universities are using data and analytics to make informed future decisions.

Whether you’re an enrollment leader, data analyst, or university administrator, this webinar series is a must-attend event for anyone who wants to unlock the power of their enrollment data. Register now to reserve your spot and join us for this informative and engaging webinar series. We look forward to seeing you there!