Securing Future Scholars: Summer Engagement Strategies

Don’t let summer melt steal your committed students! Learn 3 key strategies to keep them engaged and excited for college! (from a former Admissions Director). At 3E Enrollment Marketing we have helped position our partner institutions to secure their fall classes. We do that with thoughtful and interactive yield and summer melt campaigns. 3E believes that colleges and universities must employ strategic approaches to maintain the interest and commitment of their incoming class. Below are three key strategies t0 help colleges keep newly committed students engaged and excited.

  1. Create a Continuous and Personalized Communication Stream

Bridge the Gap: From Deposit to Doorstep

The summer between deposit and arrival is critical. Students have questions, excitement, and maybe even doubts. Combat summer melt with consistent, personalized communication. Keep them informed, engaged, and confident in their college choice by:

  • Welcome Packs: Beyond the acceptance letter, a welcome pack including detailed guides, a checklist for the upcoming months. A personalized messages from faculty or department heads can go a long way. And don’t forget branded college merchandise can make students feel valued and part of the community early on.
  • Regular Updates: Through emails, newsletters, and social media, keep students informed about campus developments, upcoming events, and stories of current students or alumni achievements. Highlighting summer programs, pre-orientation activities, and how to prepare for the first semester can keep the excitement alive.
  • Engagement Surveys: Sending out surveys to understand their concerns, expectations, and interests can help tailor communications and services to meet their needs better.
  1. Facilitate Peer Connections and Early Integration

Building a sense of belonging and community starts well before students set foot on campus. 3E highlights multiple social channels in solutions like 3E Conversion Enroll where students can connect with future classmates. Colleges can:

  • Social Media Groups: Create class-specific social media groups where incoming students can connect, share their thoughts, and ask questions. This can also be a space for virtual meetups or Q&A sessions with faculty and current students.
  • Mentorship Programs: Pairing incoming students with upperclassmen as mentors can provide them with a reliable source of advice and insights into college life.
  • Virtual Events and Workshops: Host a series of virtual events like academic preparedness workshops to casual meet-and-greets with faculty and students. Additionally, interactive sessions on majors, extracurricular activities, and campus resources can be both informative and engaging.
  1. Seamless Handoff from Admissions to Student and Academic Affairs

The transition from being an applicant to an enrolled student should be seamless and supportive. 3E Conversion Enroll brings the admissions team and student affairs team together in joint communications for a seamless handoff. Colleges should consider how the new student transition should work:

  • Integrated Transition Teams: Establishing a transition team that includes representatives from admissions, student affairs, academic affairs, and financial aid to ensure coverage across all topics.
  • Orientation Programs: Orientation programs that start online and extend into the first weeks on campus can help students acclimate to college life, understand academic expectations, and start building connections.
  • Continuous Support: Providing clear information on whom to contact for different questions (academic advising, mental health resources, financial aid, etc.) also reassures students that they have a support system ready to help.

The months leading to the start of the college term are critical for engagement and community building. By implementing personalized communication, fostering early connections, and ensuring a supportive transition, colleges can significantly enhance the commitment of their incoming class.

Need help driving yield this season? Contact us to learn more about 3E Convert Now Deposit or 3E Conversion Enroll. These solutions can help retain committed students and lay the groundwork for a fulfilling college experience.