The most comprehensive enrollment solutions:

  • Data driven market enrollment strategy
  • Messaging based on four research-based student personas
  • Campaigns that engage students, parents, counselors and peers
  • Deployment of marketing tech stack that delivers a 360-degree student experience
  • Actionable insights that drive visits, applications and deposits
  • Integrating mobile, social media, digital marketing, SEM with conventional marketing

3 ways to work with us

We got this. We replace 6 vendors and do it all.

We got your back. We work with you and help you get your class.

You got this. We advise, you execute.

3E delivers your best class through a suite of integrated solutions:

3E Awareness
Search 3.0

3E Conversion
Visit. Apply. Deposit. Transfer

3E Enrollment Advisory Services
Help Where You Need It

From 6 Partners to 1

Covering the full student engagement cycle; from inquiries to application to deposit. Integrating mobile, social media, digital marketing, SEM with conventional marketing.

3E Awareness

Search 3.0

A multi-channel campaign engaging students, parents, peers and counselors. 3E Awareness engages students where they are online and offline delivering a 360-experience that invokes action. Not simply more inquiries, but more interested and engaged students.


3E Conversion

Visit. Apply. Deposit. Transfer.

Highly targeted, high octane campaigns designed to invoke specific actions for target audiences. Building highly personal student experiences based on behavioral insights, 3E Conversion programs for undergraduates turn interest into applications and deposits. 

3E Solutions are built upon

3 Enrollment Marketing, Inc solutions. This is a description of our solutions.

3E Enrollment Advisory Services

Help Where You Need It.

3E Advisory services provide a range of assistance; from strategic enrollment management to getting things done now, like e-mail, print and digital copywriting. As a partner with hundreds of years of experience, we can come off the bench and fill in when needed.

3E Advisory Services highlights:

  • Enrollment strategy & market analysis
  • Digital marketing strategy & analysis
  • Value Proposition & Messaging Development for Enrollment Programs
  • Enrollment team training