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Learn. Connect. Advance. Achieve.

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The Institute for Higher Education at the Beach

Where higher ed leaders—and the enrollment and marketing profession—advance.

Response to the Institute has been incredible.

That’s why we are expanding to 5 customized tracks for 2023:

  1. Presidents
  2. Chief Enrollment Leaders
  3. Modern Marketing
  4. Leaders, and Emerging Enrollment Leaders
  5. Secondary School Counselors


Learn | Connect | Advance | Achieve


Join us for this groundbreaking event.

Wyndham Grand Resort

June 04-08, 2023
Clearwater, FL

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Upcoming 3E Webinars

Join us for live webinar presentations focused on market trends, institutional strategies, outreach, analytics, and more!

Live Webinar

The Institute for Higher Education Market Pulse Review | Applications and Admits Class of 2023

In this webinar, hosts Mary and Bryan will share our findings from the early 2023 market survey related to the application and admit pools for colleges and universities across the country.

Learn how you are faring compared to other institutions on Monday, March 27th!


Monday | March 27, 2023 | 2p Eastern

Live Webinar

The AI Revolution: How to Future-Proof Your College's Marketing Strategy

Everyone is talking about AI.

Have you wondered how AI will impact digital marketing for college search and higher education?

Host Natalie Mazanowski will take a deep dive into AI and provide use insights you can use in your campaigns.


Tuesday | April 11, 2023 | Noon Eastern

Live Webinar

Hack Your College Search | Unleashing the Power of Chat GPT

A webinar designed for students, parents, and high school counselors

Host Natalie Mazanowski will explore best practices, suggestions, and things to avoid when using Chat GPT in the college search process.


Thursday | April 20, 2023 | 8pm Eastern

On-Demand 3E Presentations

Register to get immediate access to our on-demand presentations!


Digital Trends 2023 | Digital & Social Presence Are the Keys to Exceeding Your Enrollment Objectives

Management and monitoring of your social channels to ensure they are making the right impact at the right time, even in a crisis. Assessment of institutional digital and social platforms beyond impressions and clicks to optimize your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) 3E makes modern marketing easier—and digital and social media make sense. Learn more!


MarketPulse Update | Winter 2023

Hosts Mary Grondahl and Bryan Gross share insights from the Institute for Higher Education’s recent survey on what factors impacted applications for the Class of 2023.


From Accepted to All-In: Increase Yield with ЗЕ

Delivering results that outperform the industry, 3E proves deeper engagement drives better results. Learn the ways we can bring 360-degree engagement and agile marketing to your yield efforts (within weeks) to help build your Fall class.


What's in Your Future? Know with the 3E Run Rate & Scenario Simulator.

If you keep to your current strategy, what will the actual impact of demographic and environmental factors be on your enrollment in the coming years-and what might you do to impact that? Learn how 3E offers unparalleled insight into your future projections and market share.


Modern Marketing Replaces Student Search: 3E Awareness

An effective, modern search demands a complex orchestration of technology, channels, messaging, and audiences. Learn how 3E Awareness is revolutionizing the student search experience and see how our smart 360-degree engagement will transform your results,


Stand Out & Spotlight Your Competitive Advantages with 3E

Why us? It’s the core question you must answer to get on a student’s list and become their ultimate choice—yet in a crowded and competitive market, it’s incredibly challenging to get that answer to stand out. Until now: see how 3E spotlights your competitive advantages.


Stay Informed to Stay Ahead: 3E Market Scan

Keeping tabs on your market is critical but increasingly challenging. 3E makes it easier for you: we deliver the competitive insights that matter, in a consumable way, on a regular basis—so you have the data you need to inform strategic direction.


Meet Application Goals with a Modern Approach

3E clients outperform the industry in applications and deposits. 3E conversion apply is the most comprehensive, personalized, and interactive solution in the market. See how we help client institutions meet and exceed goals- and promise their success.


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