Modern Strategic Planning

Stay Informed. Stay Ahead.

Stay Informed. Stay Ahead.

Gain the competitive edge with ongoing and comprehensive intelligence on your market.

  • Keep up with what’s up with your competitors
  • Keep tabs on current conversations about your institution
  • Have real-time data to inform strategic direction

What You Gain When You Work with 3E

Competitive Advantage

3 Enrollment Marketing, Inc

The competitive insights that matter.

3 Enrollment Marketing, Inc

Delivered in a consumable way.

3 Enrollment Marketing, Inc

Coming to you on a regular basis.

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Our Modern Approach

  • You subscribe: get started using the form above. A subscription is $10,000 for the year.
  • You choose 5 competitor institutions to track.
  • 3E does the rest: every 45 days receive intelligence in your inbox.

With 3E, Get What You Need to Meet Your Institutional Goals.

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