The Influence of U.S. News Rankings and School Perception

3 Enrollment Marketing - US News Report University Rankings 2024

The Power of ‘Brand Queries’ in Higher Education Last week, U.S. News & World Report released their 2024 rankings – and whether institutional leaders want to admit it or not, these rankings are a big deal in higher education. Online searching can play a huge role in shaping the perception of institutions to prospective students’…

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Is Higher Education Marketing Adapting Fast Enough?

Adapting Higher Education Marketing

In higher education, just as in the natural world, the rule is simple: adapt or fade away. More harshly put – Evolve or die. The rapid evolution of technology and shifts in prospective student behaviors mean that yesterday’s cutting-edge recruitment strategies could easily become today’s obsolescent tactics. The Ever-Changing Landscape of Student Recruitment Higher education…

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Mastering the Art of Presenting to Senior Audiences

Mastering the Art of Presenting to Senior Audiences Edit

Key Insights from Joe Howard’s Exceptional Approach  As an individual who frequently addresses senior audiences through presentations, I recently had the privilege of witnessing a remarkable presentation by Joe Howard, the Vice President for Enrollment at Widener University. This insightful event took place at The Institute for Higher Education in the serene backdrop of Clearwater…

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