Webinar Series – Breaking the Mold: Rethinking Data Driven Decision Making

Webinar: Understanding Market Data Dynamics

In a rapidly changing higher education landscape, traditional strategic enrollment planning (SEP) methods may NO longer be effective. This webinar series challenges Enrollment professionals to take a fresh approach to SEP by using data driven decision making.

There’s been a lot of noise about the enrollment cliff. But we challenge that notion and in fact flat out dismiss it.

In this first webinar, our expert panel will focus on how institutions can analyze, identify and enter new markets to expand their enrollment base. We’ll discuss how to:

  • Identify untapped geographies, market and student segments that may be a good fit for your institution.
  • Evaluate the potential demand for your institution in these new markets and estimate the associated return.
  • What data and data visualizations you need to empower you with you peer groups
  • Model different enrollment scenarios and make data-driven decisions about your expansion plans.