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The College Tour Experience Reimagined

Are you ready to revolutionize your college’s approach to student engagement? Listen to the on-demand webinar for a conversation led by Jim Rogers, Founder and CEO of 3 Enrollment Marketing. Jim covers three innovative strategies that will redefine how your college connects with prospective students and their families, crafting unforgettable experiences that actually stand out.

What to Expect:

  1. Getting Started with the Strategy and Goals – What to consider and who you are targeting.
  2. Elevate the Tour Experience – Learn how to build memorable moments for parents and students alike, consider what to start and what to stop doing, and navigate new ways to maximize time on campus.
  3. Communicate Your Plan – Learn how to create excitement and anticipation internally and externally.

Explore a new era of student engagement. Watch now and learn how to revolutionize your college tour approach and transform how you connect with prospective students and their families.

The College Tour Experience Reimagined