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Enrollment Isn't Getting Easier Stop the Insanity

Enrollment Isn't Getting Easier Stop the Insanity

More tech, more pressure, more vendors, more insanity…
The solution?

The Institute for Higher Education at the Beach is filling up faster than any prior year!!

Join us June 4-8, 2023 at the Wyndham Grand in Clearwater, Florida

Discussions and insights tailored to the unique challenges, needs, and goals of flagship institutions hosted by experienced, successful colleagues: 

  • Kari Alldredge | University of Tennessee, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
  • John Barnhill | Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Florida State University
  • Courtney McAnuff | Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Managment, Rutgers University - New Brunswick

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The 3E Run Rate & Scenario Simulator

Our Latest 3E Innovation 

The new 3E Run Rate and Scenario Simulator just launched, and the solution is already in use at institutions around the country.

A breakthrough innovation--exclusively available from 3E--the Run Rate and Scenario Simulator allows your enrollment management teams:

(1) to see in detail the future performance of your enrollment management programs by leveraging our Run Rate tools, and,

(2) to explore a range of scenarios to improve future performance by employing the included Scenario Simulator.

An invaluable toolset with one-button PDF report creation built in, the 3E Run Rate and Scenario Simulator provides easy ways to share critical, data-driven insights with your team, leadership colleagues, and boards.  A secure, high-performance, rich-data cloud application requiring no installation.

The Latest MarketPulse Report | Early 2023 Results | Available Now!

The New Market Pulse Report | Early 2023 Results!!

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Featured Event


Featured Events

Professional Development

Where higher ed leaders—and the enrollment and marketing profession—advance.

Enrollment’s role in institutional health can’t be overstated, and response to the Institute has been incredible.

That’s why we are expanding to 5 tracks for 2023:

  1. Presidents
  2. Chief Enrollment Leaders
  3. Modern Marketing Leaders
  4. Emerging Enrollment Leaders
  5. Secondary School Counselors

Learn more our incredible keynote speakers and review daily agendas for each professional track. All substance.  No vendors, exhibit halls, or sales meetings.

Please plan to join us for this groundbreaking event.

June 4-8, 2023 | Wyndham Grand Resort | Clearwater, Florida