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You are invited to meet us on Thursday April 9th at 2:00pm to learn about our approach to supporting enrollment for 2020.

April 9th at 2:00pm ET, free on Zoom.

We will cover:

  • 3E Reimagining Admitted Student Days
  • 3E Conversion Enroll
  • 3E Conversion Deposit
  • Social Media management support
  • Enrollment Advisory services
  • 3E Microsite

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The Institute for Strategic Enrollment Management @Sunriver

Where the profession of enrollment management advances. 

May 24 – May 28, 2021 Sunriver, Oregon 

There was a time and a place many years ago where emerging and senior enrollment leaders had an Institute to learn, grow and advance as professionals. They met to improve, evolve and advance the profession of strategic enrollment management and the impact on their own institutions.

We’re bringing that back.

Bring the enrollment profession to the influencers of the world beyond Higher Education.

  • Be immersed in an educational environment where the enrollment professional can connect the responsibilities of leading an institution to concrete enrollment planning.
  • Have time to reflect, discuss, and plan.
  • Learn leading innovative techniques in enrollment management strategies to develop and implement a plan
  • Stretch into other industries to deepen the context and vision of where higher education has opportunity.
  • Have experienced and dedicated faculty mentors – who are leading professionals across the country.
  • Be surrounded by Sunriver, Oregon to be inspired and revived.

Each attendee leaves The Institute @Sunriver with a professional mentor and the foundation of a strategic enrollment plan to bring back to campus.