The Institute for Strategic Enrollment Management at Sunriver Announces Its 2021 Dates

The Institute is the only educational event completely focused on advancing the profession of enrollment management for higher education. All attendees will leave with a mentor, a strategic enrollment plan, and advanced training in enrollment management.

Today the steering committee, in partnership with 3 Enrollment Marketing, Inc., announced that the 2021 Institute for Strategic Enrollment Management will take place May 24-28 in Sunriver, Oregon.

While this is a revival of the groundbreaking Snowmass Institute–which shaped the careers of enrollment leaders (and the profession itself) for over 30 years—it’s how the field will build its future. After over a decade without a professional development opportunity like this, a full year away from in-person events, and one of the most pivotal years many higher ed professionals have ever experienced, the need for this Institute is stronger than ever.

As the nation strives toward post-pandemic life, the Sunriver Institute offers a perfect first foray back to normalcy, with a purposely small, intimate group amid a vast and beautiful natural setting at the Sunriver Resort. Time for personal or family pursuits is built into the schedule, along with opportunities to socialize—without crowding into halls.

The unique schedule and specific setting will:

  • Provide opportunity for reflection, planning, and connection.
  • Facilitate substantive discussion, including debriefing on 2020 and its lasting impact.
  • Enable individuals and teams to get meaningful work done away from the office in a breathtaking real-life setting.

Designed for college and university enrollment leaders, enrollment leadership teams, and presidents, the Institute will shape both attendees’ careers and the outcomes they are able to affect for their campuses. Attendees will leave the Institute with three things.

1. A strategic enrollment plan.

Modern enrollment leaders are ready to implement innovative practices and are prepared to pivot quickly when the environment requires it, as it did this year. Attendees will learn from and incorporate influences from the world beyond higher ed into their approaches.

2. A mentor.

This is perhaps the hallmark of the Institute. Attendees will gain perspective, get advice, and find guidance from the country’s leading enrollment professionals, who serve as mentors and faculty. Each attendee will have an individual mentor, and this network will tackle everything from dissecting the last year to providing professional guidance.

3. Accelerated learning.

Over five days, attendees will focus on a profession they are passionate about with people who feel the same. The schedule is more individually-driven than a standard conference, empowering attendees to accomplish a lot in this short time and still be able to recharge and relax. Attendees will enhance their ability to lead their institutions in successful enrollment planning.

“I think everyone’s ready for a “deep breath moment” to discuss what the past year means long-term and as we build plans for the immediate future, but also to, literally, take a breath—and be better leaders for it. We’ve designed the Institute to do that.”

–Patricia Maben, Steering Committee Chair

Registration is now open for the Institute for Strategic Enrollment Management at Sunriver and team discounts are available: learn more and register at


3 Enrollment Marketing, Inc. is hosting The Institute in our passion to advance the enrollment profession—and the professionals in it.