Executive Ambassador Program

The Experience And Skills You Need For Your Enrollment Success

The Experience And Skills You Need For Your Enrollment Success

The 3E Executive Ambassador Program supplies your enrollment office with solutions to navigate transitions and periods of growth, by managing staff, overseeing goal alignment, and providing leadership support to ensure your school has the tools, resources, and experience to come out on top. 

3E Enrollment Executive

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Our 3E Enrollment Executive often has between 20-30 years of enrollment leadership experience and is paired with your school to implement changes with expertise and confidence. Their #1 priority is to align to your objectives and bring in best practices while effectively communicating to all levels of management.

3E Marketing Ambassador

Our 3E Marketing Ambassadors work remotely to keep marketing on task, focus on marketing priorities and craft a communication plan and provide implementation oversight. One day they may be reviewing content and emails and another could be performing a website audit and providing guidance on social media best practices. Their #1 goal is to help achieve your goals.

How It Works


We get to know your school, understand pain points, and develop a strategic focus for your campus. We establish expectations such as goals, timeline, and project outcomes.


We solidify project goals and take actionable steps to achieve them. Our team provides clear and consistent communication on progress and gets to the heart of what really matters for your school’s enrollment to be successful.

Results-Oriented Leadership

Our laser-focus in this phase is on data and results. Through weekly reports and
calls, we track enrollment numbers, coach the enrollment team, and implement
changes to impact the growth and drive the accepted to deposited student journey.

More than half of Admissions professionals are leaving their jobs after just two years

Many colleges and universities are loosing top talent as the stakes of enrollment work are getting higher. If you are experiencing transitional phases with Enrollment Leadership which places you in a position of needing enrollment management expertise to fill necessary gaps of time, skills, and best practices, we can help.

3E Executive Ambassador Sample Timeline

Executive Ambassador Partnership Sample Timeline