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A cliff with a lake below

May 16 2023

The Enrollment Cliff; Reality or Myth? (Hint: Its a Myth)

For years, educators and policymakers have warned of an impending enrollment cliff, a predicted sharp decline in college ...
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Apr 26 2023

Webinar Series – Breaking the Mold: Rethinking Data Driven Decision Making

Register for the Webinar Are you tired of relying on intuition and guesswork to make enrollment decisions for ...
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Importance of Analytics in Higher Education

Apr 11 2023

Data Analytics For Student Enrollment: What to measure

Increasing student enrollment is one of the most critical aspects of any higher education institution's success. One way ...
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Why to choose your institution

Apr 11 2023

Why should someone pick your school

Why us? It is a question that higher education asks all the time and one that 3E has ...
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One light bulb on while the others are off

Dec 8 2020

3 Key Components of Modern Strategic Planning

So much has changed in the higher ed environment. Why hasn’t the way we plan for it? Change. ...
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Graduates with their caps

Oct 6 2020

Bringing Outcomes & Career Opportunities to the Forefront of Enrollment Strategies

3E ENROLLMENT LEADERSHIP INSIGHT SERIES 3 steps to support students throughout their experience and how to communicate with ...
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A group of students wearing red

Sep 8 2020

How to Increase College-Going Rates: Lessons from a Pioneering Program

3E ENROLLMENT LEADERSHIP INSIGHT SERIES Higher ed has lamented shrinking demographics for a long time—yet very few reports ...
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A room filled with empty seats

Jul 28 2020

5 Enrollment Forecast Models to Consider in an Unpredictable Environment

Better project your next class with modern models. It’s one of the top questions asked around your institution ...
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Staff meeting

Jun 18 2020

Evolving Your Enrollment Organization & Team Roles for a New Environment

Being excellent online is an ongoing imperative. Recruiting has changed, and many of the changes are here to ...
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A computer showing a Google SERP

Jun 3 2020

Summer of SERP: Getting Your Digital Welcome Center in Great Shape

5 quick tips to win the search engine results for your institution. When someone googles your college or ...
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The word senior formed from tiles

May 20 2020

2021 Enrollment Planning in a Summer of Uncertainty

5 thoughts for college and university enrollment leaders. Reality is sinking in and uncertainty is leading to incredibly ...
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Teen with laptop and cell phone

May 6 2020

9 Best Practices for Moving Your In-Person Student Events to an Online Experience

It's the same, but different. Everything is in the process of moving online: classes, office hours, health services—and ...
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Student looking at college

Apr 24 2020

5 Steps to Lower Student Barriers to Enrollment and Strengthen Your 2020 Results

Provide new paths to help students move forward. While the current crisis has presented new challenges for students, ...
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Western New England University

Apr 6 2020

An Unprecedented Enrollment Environment Calls for Unprecedented Enrollment Leadership

Seven must-do’s to step up as an enrollment leader. No other time in higher ed history has tested ...
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A person accessing Facebook

Apr 5 2020

Why Higher Education Should Have Only One Facebook Page

Most institutions of higher education have one website. They often have one LinkedIn Company Page. One YouTube channel. ...
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Crisis communications

Mar 24 2020

Crisis Communications – Best Practices for Higher Ed

7 steps to incorporate to build trust, convey information, and foster hope. Things are different, strange and unsettling. ...
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