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Our Mission

advance professionally

Help higher ed professionals advance, innovate, and lead in their careers

advance institutions

Advance higher ed and the institutions that serve—and how they serve—students

student access

In doing so, enhance access to higher ed, serving more students better

Our History

Over 30 Years of Collaboration.

The Institute began as a revival of the groundbreaking Snowmass Institute professional development event, held in Snowmass, CO for over 30 years before ending in 2007.

A Reimagined Leadership Event.

Alumni Chris Ferguson, Vice President of Enrollment at University of the Pacific and Patricia Maben, President of 3 Enrollment Marketing, spent several years working to bring this one-of-a-kind opportunity back to the industry.

That happened in 2021.

The unique structure and opportunities offered here—a purposefully “unconference” approach that’s focused on substance, outside perspective, and making connections (of both the learning and professional kind), immediately resonated.

Response has been so incredible that the Institute has now expanded to offer five tracks to serve more professionals who impact access and enrollment in higher education.

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Fireside Chat

The Institute Advisory Board & Steering Committee

Our Board members are innovative leaders representing a diverse range of institutions across the country. They review key content, offer recommendations, and provide insights that inform the Institute agenda. They include:

Advisory Board:

Jogy Das, Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness and Planning, D’Youville University

Susan Dileno, Vice President for Enrollment Management, Mount Saint Mary’s University

Chris Ferguson, Ed.D., Vice President of Enrollment, University of the Pacific

Lauren Jensen, Vice President of Enrollment Management Strategy, Calvin University

Katie Cooney Lesko, Assistant Vice President of Enrollment, Director of Admissions, Maria College

Adam Lohrey, Senior Director of Admission, Wilmington College

Courtney McAnuff, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management, Rutgers University

Colleen Flynn Thapalia, Senior Director, Graduate Recruitment & Enrollment Marketing, Clarkson Graduate School

Kasey Urquidez, Vice President, Enrollment Management & Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, University of Arizona

Frank Williams, Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management, Nazareth College

Steering Committee:

Susan Dileno, Vice President for Enrollment Management, Mount Saint Mary’s University

Chris Ferguson, Ed.D., Vice President of Enrollment, University of the Pacific

Mary Grondahl, Vice President, Modern Positioning & Planning, 3E

Bryan Gross, Ed.D., Vice President, Modern Strategic Planning & International Enrollment Strategy, 3E

Patricia Maben, President, 3E

James Rogers, CEO, 3E


About 3E & The Institute

It is the mission of 3 Enrollment Marketing to build a path for more people to pursue higher education, improving not only their well-being and that of the institutions they choose, but also the communities to which those institutions belong. By underwriting the costs and coordinating the Institute, 3E is executing our mission while ensuring the Institute retains its original intent and design for the benefit of the higher education professionals we serve.