The Presidential Communication Imperative

Presidential Imperatives

Presidential Imperatives

Two-thirds of higher ed leaders consider social media key to strategic planning and fulfilling their institutional mission, and they are 10% more likely to use social media than Fortune 500 executives.

3E’s solutions ensure they are using social media effectively.

  • Ensure you engage all of your different constituents
  • Create a purpose-driven, integrated strategy across channels
  • Assess and improve your digital “cover page,” the search engine results page
  • Guide you in building connection and engagement

Working with 3E

You will enroll more

You will retain more

You will amplify your

More than half of U.S. college presidents tweet or post on social channels. Do you? Do you do it well?

It’s simple: your online presence can produce better results for your institution. Are you having the impact you intend—and need?

Find out with our free cursory review.

3E President’s Online Presence and Reputation Audit

3E brings together a team of digital, social, and communication experts to advise you in building a modern, high-impact online presence.

As part of the audit, 3E will:

  • 1 Review everywhere you have an online presence as president, including the search engine results page (SERP)
  • 2 Evaluate the presidential online presence at peer and aspirant institutions
  • 3 Offer recommendations to align your presence to key initiatives
  • 4 Enhance how you articulate your vision with one-on-one communication coaching
3E President’s Online Presence and Reputation Audit
3E Enhancing the President’s Online Presence

3E Enhancing the President’s Online Presence

Communicate more, manage less.

You understand the importance of a stellar presence in impacting your goals—it just takes more time and coordination than you can squeeze into your busy schedule. We get it—and we can help. This is full-service support in building and maintaining your presence.

A sampling of what 3E can provide for the semester or academic year:

  • 1 Creating, monitoring, and managing the president’s social strategy
  • 2 Developing weekly content for select presidential social accounts
  • 3 Coordinating a mix of live online events
  • 4 Posting recorded sessions
  • 5 One-on-One communication coaching