3E Launches New Solutions that Amplify Enrollment Results by Spotlighting Institutional Strengths

“Why you” is the toughest question for an institution to answer in a crowded market, where it’s difficult to land on the Google search page, and your distinctions are distilled into third-party college search resource templates. 3E’s newest solution suite empowers institutions to reclaim how they answer that question—showcasing their competitive advantages and standing out from the market.

As the 2022 NACAC National Conference starts, 3 Enrollment Marketing, Inc., is debuting a new solution suite to support college and university enrollment efforts: 3E Advantage & Immersive Spotlight Solutions.

With this suite, the company helps institutions answer the primary question they must answer, and answer well, to meet their goals—why you?—and do it in an interactive, immersive, and personal way.

Institutions can choose one or more Spotlights to highlight a strength or point of differentiation. Academic, Athletics, Student Experience, Location 360, and Campus 360 Spotlights include a premium nanosite that offers a full content journey, facilitating exploration and action (the 360 options are Oculus/headset-enabled and accessible via browser). The Immersive Center is in the metaverse, making the campus experience and connections accessible anywhere.

With high value and low cost, these solutions open new opportunities for institutions to reach students in substantive and memorable ways.

A highly interactive experience that builds deeper connections
Students seek and expect an interactive experience. Delivering on that well, and to the degree that makes a difference, encompasses the work of an expansive team of experts developing premium content utilizing advanced technology. 3E delivers that to its client partners. Natalie Mazanowski, Senior Vice President of Client Marketing Services, notes, “We’re driven by our commitment to our clients, and each has their own 3E team—writer, designer, photographer, immersive content specialist—that get to know them. They find the best ways to showcase their strengths and unique attributes so more meaningful connections can happen.”

A differentiated message and experience
Focused on institutional strengths, highly visual, and personalized, the message stands apart. Delivered with an emphasis on interactivity and integrated channels as well as, for some Spotlights, innovative immersive technology, the experience is on an entirely different level.

“A core challenge of marketing a college or university is that so much of the ‘why’ is about the intangibles, about the experience itself. By using immersive technologies and creating experiences in the metaverse, we can bring the unique facets of an institution to a wider audience in a way we never before could,” shares Nicole Focareto, 3E’s Senior Vice President of Product Strategy.

Amplified results
3E Advantage & Immersive Spotlight Solutions are purchased as a 12-month subscription, renewable annually. Just as each is designed to highlight a different institutional strength, each can be used in different ways, to elicit different actions, at different times throughout the year. They will enhance conversions at each stage throughout the enrollment cycle by setting an institution apart and enabling a more interactive, personal, and immersive experience for each student.

Attendees of the NACAC Conference can see live demonstrations of 3E Advantage Spotlights and experience a 3E Immersive Center at The Grotto Downtown on Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm CT and Friday from 9 am to noon CT. More information on the solution suite is available here.