3E Launches Intelligence Briefing Solution to Keep Institutions Ahead

Market scanning and competitor analyses are commonplace outside higher education but have not been standard within the industry—nor is it easy to find or devote the resources to it. This intelligence is beneficial, if not critical, in informing decisions and strategic direction. 3E’s new solution fills this need.

3 Enrollment Marketing, Inc. is launching a new solution, 3E Market Scan & Social Listening, at the 2022 NACAC National Conference today.

As enrollment leaders juggle growing demands on their time along with heightened competition, they find it more challenging to keep up with what’s happening in their competitive marketplace. It’s also difficult to maintain an objective ear on what the market is saying about their own institution. That can impact their ability to make the best strategic decisions for institutional health.

3E has solved for this with 3E Market Scan & Social Listening, delivering an intelligence briefing every 45 days that provides the details the leader needs in a readily usable format. Affordable and efficient, the solution helps leaders make decisions and act if or as necessary.

Intelligence on competitors plus their own institution
3E compiles relevant news, tuition information, social listening, and Google search page results insights. The solution gives leaders the confidence that comes with knowing their market inside-out.

Consumable content
3E aggregates data over many platforms and then provides relevant reporting—no queries needed. Cabinet and Board-ready reports are delivered directly to the client’s inbox every 45 days—no extra time is required to prepare reports or slides.

A competitive edge
With real-time data, leadership can quickly and decisively act on the intelligence gained. Whether that means an immediate action item, informing strategic direction, or a “watch” item for the future, the institution will stay informed and stay ahead.

Shares 3E’s Senior Vice President of Product Strategy Nicole Focareto, “With flagship universities growing into national and global brands, regional institutions investing huge dollars into facilities and programs, and corporations recruiting talent straight from high schools, understanding your market has never been at a higher premium. But that intelligence cannot take up all your time: it needs to be simple and actionable. We are excited to bring this level of intelligence to higher ed.”

Attendees of the NACAC Conference interested in learning more about 3E Market Scan & Social Listening can talk with a 3E Difference Maker at The Grotto Downtown on Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm CT and Friday from 9 am to noon CT. More information on the solution is available here.