3E Strategic Digital & Social Media

Your Strategic Digital & Social Media Plan

Your Strategic Digital & Social Media Plan

A critical pathway to reach and connect with prospective students

To meet your enrollment objectives, your digital and social presence is core to your marketing plan.

3E will help you build and execute the digital and social media strategy that meets your goals.

  • Management and monitoring of your social channels to ensure they are making the right impact at the right time, even in a crisis.
  • Assessment of institutional digital and social platforms beyond impressions and clicks to optimize your Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
  • Training of your team on all the necessary digital and social media platforms impacting your goals—and we teach you how to optimize them to align with your goals.

3E makes modern marketing easier—and digital and social media make sense.

Connect with your community.

Convey what's important to you.

Respond when you need to.

Today, how you use digital and social means all the difference in your success.

It needs to be integral, not incidental. Strategic, not supplemental. An efficiently coordinated plan connected to your strategic goals will help you achieve enrollment results.

3E Social Media Management

From advising to managing a crisis, we take this off your plate.

Is this “one more thing” on the long list of things you’re trying to accomplish with stretched resources? Are you seeking to decipher it all—and whether it’s paying off in what really matters: your enrollment objectives? We’ll help you figure it out and provide whatever level of support you need to meet your goals.

  • 1 Advise: you have a plan, we help you measure and monitor it.
  • 2 Support: we build the plan and support you as you execute it.
  • 3 Manage: you have peace of mind knowing we’re building and fully executing your plan.
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3E SERP Analysis & Recommendations

Your Digital Welcome Center.
Google your institution. The first page that comes up? That’s your Search Engine Results Page (SERP), aka your Digital Welcome Center. What do you think of what you see? A lot of prospective students are taking that same step—and we can work with you to facilitate the best possible experience from that page. 3E will:

  • Update key areas of the SERP
  • Review and update key sites linked from the SERP
  • Make recommendations to optimize SERP placement of institutional content

3E Digital Lab

Learn in a day what could take you a year.

With its pace of growth and change, digital and social marketing is complex enough. Add to that the fact that many departments on campus have a digital presence, and rallying your institutional voice around enrolling a class becomes that much more complicated.

The 3E Digital Lab is designed to help you streamline your message, consolidate your marketing resources, uncomplicate your efforts, and achieve enrollment success.

  • Half- or full-day workshop with those on campus using social media (not limited to enrollment)
  • Assessment of and insights from a year’s worth of your social data
  • Review of your 3E Dashboard with benchmarking data
  • Team training on specific channels and message development
  • In-lab exercise to build a marketing strategy

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