3E Announces Three Solutions to Help Campuses Manage Digital and Social Media to Support Institutional Goals

The need for institutions to have a strong online presence is more important than ever—and the challenges and demands of maintaining a positive presence have never been greater. 3E can help campuses navigate this complex and critical priority.

Managing an institution’s online presence requires more attention than ever before. Each and every online interaction is now under a magnifying glass. To advance and maintain a positive reputation, a campus must commit resources to the daily development, monitoring, and attention of its digital and social presence—from its social media accounts to its Google search page to its website. As the emphasis on online continues to grow, 3 Enrollment Marketing, Inc. (3E) has the expertise to help institutions navigate these modern challenges.

3E is offering three solutions to ensure institutions can meet their mission and their goals while thriving in this online world.

“If digital—and that includes your social presence—isn’t at the core of your institutional plan, you can’t be successful today. It can no longer be relegated to supplementing everything else you’re doing. And it’s only going to get more important,” according to 3E president, Patricia Maben.

The three services offer varying levels of support to campuses depending on their objectives.

3E Social Media Management Services
While leaders recognize the importance of social in today’s marketing plans, organizationally they may not be staffed to provide the degree of resource it now demands. From weekly advisement and analysis to content assistance to full management and execution of a campus’ social channels, 3E offers a spectrum of support depending on an institution’s specific needs.

3E SERP Analysis & Recommendations
SERP, the search engine results page, is what appears when someone googles something. For a campus, it serves as their Digital Welcome Center—and, with physical welcome center visits curtailed or at least greatly reduced for the foreseeable future, it has taken on even greater importance. 3E assesses that page and updates key areas to create the best possible experience for prospective families.

3E Digital Lab
This is a workshop intended to help a cross-departmental institutional team streamline its messaging, consolidate marketing resources, uncomplicate its efforts, and achieve enrollment success. It includes an assessment of prior year social data, benchmarking with a proprietary 3E Dashboard, training on the different social platforms, and a working session to develop the social marketing strategy.

“Metrics are important to look at, of course. For example, managing the social strategy for a college, we earned them 3,000,000 Facebook impressions in one critical month this spring—nearly doubling the impressions they had earned the entire year earlier,” shared Matt Hames, 3E’s Associate Vice President of Digital & Social Strategy. “But what really matters? They have exceeded enrollment targets for this fall. We can see that the huge uptick in engagement in that critical yield month played a significant role.”

Jim Rogers, 3E’s CEO, explained what’s at work behind results like this. “While colleges and universities innately know they need a digital and social presence—Pew data shows that three-quarters of adults and 97% of teens are on social media—what’s been more elusive is managing social and digital in alignment with strategic goals. What 3E has been able to build are solutions that connect those dots.”

Learn more about 3E’s digital and social solutions here.