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3 Enrollment Marketing, Inc. Announces Executive Education Series: Leadership Communications and Presentations on Video


3E is filling an emerging need in industry professional development: how to effectively communicate on video. From September 23-25 the company is offering a free three-part online series for higher ed executives with communications expert Jessica Chen of Soulcast Media. 3 Enrollment Marketing, Inc. (3E) is sponsoring the online “3E Executive Education Series: Leadership Communications…

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How to Increase College-Going Rates: Lessons from a Pioneering Program

3E ENROLLMENT LEADERSHIP INSIGHT SERIES Higher ed has lamented shrinking demographics for a long time—yet very few reports and studies have focused on impacting college-going rates as a path to successful college enrollment. This is a complex and often politicized topic. At Rutgers University, we took this issue head-on. Rutgers University launched a first-of-its-kind college…

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